Jim Lambie at Sadie Coles





Jim Lambie was once described as a genius in The Guardian. A bit over the top, you might say. But his work had not only clout but charm. He used ordinary household  materials which he handled with great panache and it was virtually impossible not to enjoy his work.


There is still sparkle in the literal sense. Clusters of sunglass lenses float in sprawling patterns across the wall. But to my mind they are bitty and there are too many of them. Similarly the gorgeously metallic colours of Revolver, and Afterglow (Skylark) and others




become repetitive. The moldings evoke door furniture which might have come from a down-at-heel motel in LA.


But Self Portrait in Seven Parts is magnificent. From the other end of the gallery the seven video screens appear to be an uniform grey. It is only when you are standing right infront of one of them that its colour becomes apparent. It is as if the artist is slowly revealing aspects of his personality to those who pay enough attention. Aluminium and polished steel sheets have had their corners flipped forwards so that they overlap. Like cars the gloss paint is seductive but, unlike cars, they comprise unusual and delicious combinations of colours.

This is an accomplished show and there is much to enjoy. But overall it doesn’t have the pizzazz of his earlier work and in this sense it is disappointing.

Jim Lambie ‘Northern Soul’ is at Sadie Coles, 1 Davies Street, London W1K 3DB until 9 April.



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