Hazel Brill at the Zabludowicz Collectio

The Zabludowicz Collection is ‘dedicated to solo presentations by UK-based artists who do not currently have representation by a UK commercial gallery’. This is not just a laudable aim, the standard of work is high. And Hazel Brill’s video installation in my opinion is the most accomplished and enjoyable to date.
A slightly bumpy hummock plus provides the surface for rapidly changing imagery. IMG_0153.jpgAnimated daffodils ascend in a kind of minuet, IMG_0148.jpg

a Heston Blumenthal look-alike hovers in kitchen whites, people commune with an ancient tree on a roundabout, which then spawns (logically?) a substantial housing development. The diverse scenarios are also peopled by actual cooking pots and a kettle. These are ‘the props and actors’ which also function as screens. In an interview she says that they are all ‘vessels to think through’. The voice over continues to spill out its stories. Some bits are quite memorable: ‘it reminded me that I like being remembered’.
There is a lot of layering. Sound, music, animation and gorgeous colour are all adroitly handled. The combination of the bizarre and the mundane is finely pitched. It is understandable that she says that she hates documentation of her work. ‘Without liveness it feels horrible, unhinging’. You really need to go and see for yourself, I found it hard to drag myself away.

Hazel Brill is at the Zabludowicz Collection, 176 Prince of Wales Road, NW5 from 1 March to 8 April.




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  1. Charlotte says:

    I’ve always loved the Zabludowicz Collection. It always seems to have quite interactive art that encourages conversation. I’m often in Kentish town (if that’s where this Hazel Brill shows is? I know Poju Zabludowicz has a few venues around London) so will definitely go and see it! Thanks for the review

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