Laurie Simmons, Fake Fashion at Angela Wilkinson



A fancy birthday cake, ablaze with candles, almost spinning on a pair of spindly doll’s legs. Well ‘happy birthday to me’ and, yes, I can sit by myself at a small table with a bottle of wine. Doll’s houses are for children, right? Well all the various scenarios of Laurie Simmons are for adults and her take on domesticity is generally a little wry.
Most of her work has been ahead of its time. Her Fake Fashion photos first appeared in the early 80s, when she said that she felt compelled to create ‘ a shadow of a fashion photograph that wasn’t selling anything in particular.’ It would be difficult to hazard a guess as to when the pictures here were made The clothes are simple and pretty. The models though are more problematic even though we can see that she used real people. They are somehow real and yet not quite real at the same time. Which means that we are left to mull over what that implies.

Laurie Simmons Fake Fashion is at Amanda Wilkinson 13 February -17 March

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